Vendor Booth Fees

Chattanooga MarketSundayGuest$5010% of sales
Chattanooga MarketSundayNew Vendor$4010% of sales
Chattanooga MarketSundayFull Vendor$2510% of sales
Chattanooga MarketWednesdayAll$1010% of sales
Chattanooga MarketWednesday2014 Season Pass$10010% of sales
River MarketSaturdayGuest$5010% of sales
River MarketSaturdayNew Vendor$3510% of sales
River MarketSaturdayFull Vendor$2010% of sales

All vendors are required to pay 10% of their sales to the market at the conclusion of each market day;  this fee is capped at a maximum of $250 per day.

Vendor Levels (Seniority)

Level Priority Points    
Guest 0 for touring artists; fast-review
New Vendor Under 15 new vendor orientation required
Full Vendor 15+ including farms & agriculture

Priority Points are our version of a frequent flier program.  You can read more about our approach here.

Additional Fees & Penalties

We’ll provide you with plenty of advance notice, but all fees subject to revision. The business & tax permits are waived (by law) for agricultural vendors, and are not necessary if you currently hold a permanent equivalent. If you do have a permanent license you must supply us with a copy to keep on file.

Guaranteed Electricity

$25 waived for freezers, other special needs

We no longer offer guaranteed electricity unless your food product requires refrigeration in order to comply with food safety regulations.

Cleaning Fee

$30 if booth is left in a disorderly manner

Returned Check Fee


“No Sales Drop” Fee

$250 Failure to drop a sales envelope/payment before leaving a market event

Farm/Site Inspection Fee

$2.22/mile.  This fee may be waived for vendors within a 2-hour drive of market, and often for new vendors;  it is guaranteed to be assessed for reinspections due to a prior rule violation.

Government Permits & Taxes

The State of Tennessee not only allows for us to issue you business & sales tax permits, but requires us to do so!  Fortunately, the rates are very nominal and you can’t beat the customer service.

City Business Permit

$1 temporary permit, per day.  Issued at market front desk every market day.

County Business Permit

$1 temporary permit, per day.  Issued at market front desk every market day.

State Sales Tax Permit

$5 temporary permit, per month (prepayment).  Issued at market front desk every market day.